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Saturday 11th May
Venue: Avenue Bar    9:00 pm

"I felt like I had to get more of what I loved into my music. I wanted to bring a real sense of American roots music to it, the blues that I grew up on. And I wanted the words to be able to carry it."

New York State teenager Peter Case hitch-hiked to San Francisco during the punk era and cut his musical teeth busking in the California streets with just a guitar and harmonica inspired by the music of Mississippi John Hurt. He gained success early in the 80s with rock bands The Nerves and later The Plimsouls who had a hit single "A Million Miles Away".

However Case returned to his roots in the mid 80s to create his trademark raw bluesy folk sound on a series of acclaimed, if cult, albums, "Peter Case", "Blue Guitar", "Sings Like Hell" and "Six Pack of Love" , his sharp lyrics exposing the raw nerve ends of suburban society. Containing great songs like "Echo War", "Small Town Spree", "Put Down the Gun", "Hidden Love" and "Beyond the Blues" Case was making a big name for himself on the US circuit, being compared to Springsteen and Dylan.

Signing a major record deal with Vanguard allowed Case to settle into a satisfying and productive groove and his most recent output has been consistently excellent with "Torn Again", "Full Service No Waiting" and "Flying Saucer Blues". His latest project is a contribution on a tribute album to his hero Mississippi John Hurt.

He's come a long way from playing on street corners and sleeping in abondoned cars but his song lyrics and stories are still on the gritty themes of hard times and living on the edge. Blues for 21st century.