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last update 8th Sept 2000


Pat Connolly Celebration Night

Pat Connolly's contribution to folk and traditional music was a truly outstanding one, his association with the performing arts stretching back to the 1960's. Pat's remarkable reputation as a songwriter, musician and international ambassador for the Arts was unsurpassed in Ireland, and his enthusiastic dedication to Downpatrick Folk Music Club as a centre for artistic excellence was selfless and tireless.

The club and a lot of Pat's friends got together with Lunasa and Jim Malcolm to celebrate the life of a man who touched us all with his generosity of spirit and his love of music.

A bloody marvelous night of music and craic was had and I have no doubt but that the spirit of Pat was very much alive in the midst of the music.

Ian Clarke's ear in pensive mood!

This would appear to be the ghost of a saxophone - weird or what???

That's all folks - some of the pictures didn't come out very well and couldn't really be used on the site so I'm sorry if you are disappointed in not finding yourself here but maybe I'll catch you next time!