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Friday 25th January 2002

Upstairs @ DENVIR’s HOTEL

Doors Open @ 8:30

"Halpin's material is startling for its sheer class and originality, strong enough to mark him down as one of the very finest writers to have emerged in recent years."
- Melody Maker

"Halpin's only claim to fame is that he is writing songs ten times more intelligent than anything you'll hear on MTV"

- Sunday Press

Since 1979 Kieran Halpin has recorded 11 albums. He is a successful songwriter with many of his songs recorded by other artists and performed in clubs (including Downpatrick), pubs and concert halls world-wide. Kieran's albums are eagerly awaited by fans and media alike and never fail to attract awards and accolades.

Never one to stand still, Kieran has always looked for new and innovative ways to present his songs and it is this fresh approach which has seen him record albums of varying styles all around the world - from a tiny recording studio in London ("Mission Street") to Nashville, Tennessee ("The Rite Hand") to Sidney, Australia ("Closing Time in Paradise") and recently to a more intimate setting for his latest album "Solo".

Whilst a Kieran Halpin album is always something to look forward to, few will argue that it is live on stage where Kieran really makes his mark. Passionate, powerful, intimate and intense, he is impossible to ignore. Kieran's voice is gravely and he sounds like he's living every song. He has managed to marry his intelligent, thought provoking lyrics with great melodies and his now trademark acoustic guitar sound. With a sharp wit and sardonic, sometimes sarcastic, stage presence, he’s a man who really connects with his audience.