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Artist: Ian M Anderson

DEMO RECORDING Reviewer: Brendan Carson

Hailing from the North East of England, Ian has done his stint at the folk clubs in his native land and has been getting excellent reviews including from Get Rhythm Magazine, Traditional Music Maker and Rock 'n Reel.

He has provided support from some better known North East acts like Fairport Convention and Kathryn Tickell. 

I've just received a demo CD from his promoters Mesy Music who tell me that Ian is presently putting together a new CD 'Dreamcatcher' and hopes to release it soon. I look forward to being able to review it.

The demo comprises 6 of his own compositions and one traditional number.

I'm afraid the first two tracks depressed me. Truth to be told I thought too many of the songs were slow and depressing for a demo. 

His song 'She Sits' was written by Ian for the families and carers of dementia sufferers. This kind of hit home because my own mother suffered from a form of dementia and the picture Ian paints is all too familiar to me. 

'Dreamcatcher' is a bit more hopeful. Written after he survived a car smash - no doubt an experience to make you savour the flavour of life and to be grateful for your health. My wee daughter, Caelainn, recently made a dreamcatcher for her mum out of old wire and wool. Padraigin has to hang it above our bed to ensure that good dreams get through and the bad ones are kept out. I guess this is much the same message that Ian is getting across here.

By far my favourite track is the traditional number 'Broom Buzzoms' sung simply with only a percussion accompaniment. At last a little bit of fun and up tempo!

Finished off nicely with a humorous little number called 'When I was Young'. Only recently I caught myself on shouting the same stupid things to my kids that my ma used to shout at me. 'The state of your room is a bloody disgrace.' More like this please!

Ian clearly has a lot of talent but I'm not sure that this demo does him full justice. A bit more variation in tempo and accompaniment would add a lot to what are good lyrics.

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